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I don't know much about this program yet and the creation of sound, but I was wondering about the creation of an imitation of temples and sacred spaces....where often they have a complex geometry heading up towards the ceiling that creates that certain effect.

A ceiling could have multiple overlapping beams of geometry as it heads upwards..

my question is...would it be possible to create a room designed around particular "strange" geometries, such as those of a Yantra?  For example, the Shri Yantra.

There is an explanation of the geometries here that might help those who know more then I do:

To design a room around that, how would one go about it?  Where would emitters be placed, and what sort of materials should be used?

And is it possible to make perfectly spherical rooms?



You may try those geometries.  However, currently, Impulse Modeler does not calculate overlaping walls correctly and so you will need to mark intersections by means of the vertices.  Alternatively, you may try to model the perimeter, only.

As for spherical rooms, I think this can be achieved by designing a circle-like geometry.  I'm not sure, but it can be a pretty close model of a sperical room, for binaural hearing.

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