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Hm, ever since I tried this IR modeling stuff I've begun to think that the standard software reverbs sound......well...boring/static.

So it's really cool - by carefully designing a new room even with very simple geometry, I can get closer to what I want than with my standard reverb plugins. (Which aren't very flexible at all.  I just hadn't understood it before.)

ANYWAY, my question was....sometimes when designing a structure I get the message "can't create more vertices" or something like that.  It happens mostly when I try to re-create "real" rooms with lots of detail.

Is there some way to circumvent this problem?  Like, more RAM or by tweaking some kind of setting somewhere?

Or if not, can you put this on some kind of "wishlist" for future updates?

/ Olof

This is an internal limitation of Impulse Modeler, I'm sorry.  This may get changed in the future, though.  Thanks for posting this.
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