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First off, kudos go to Alexey, great program!!!  I bought it immediately when I realized the potential : )

I immediately set about modelling an empty stadium, not because this is especially useful, just to do it.  Wow.  I used a total of 120,000 random rays in a huge space with the best FFT and a 25 second time.  I set 2 edge segments as my pickup... amazing.  It was worth the 10 minutes it took to render!

Was looking to add new materials and found these very informative charts.

traditional common materials (people, wood, marble etc):

New construction materials (paperboard, steel, insulation etc.):

When I got into reading these charts, I developed a question.

Since we can't do z-axis, is it fairly effective to model, say a window, by setting the transparency to the ratio of the open space, vs wall on top and bottom, for the section of wall that contains the window?

Also got an idea for next version: ) add z axis and an Autocad drawing parser.  That would be KILLER.... don't know how possible it is though.

As is, it is one of the coolest tools out for generating impulse files.  Alexey, you are correct when you say the sound quality exceeds all but the most expensive pro recorded impulses.  IM may not be the most accurate reproduction of a space, but it certainly is the cleanest.  It has to be, no microphone...

I am one satisfied sound geek...



Thanks, Neil, for your post.

I don't really know how one can translate those coeffs into Impulse Modeler form.  You may get the general idea from those numbers, only.

Can't understand your question about window model.

As for Z axis, I don't plan to add it to Impulse Modeler.


How did you get 120,000 random rays?  As far as I know the maximum you can get is 40,000.



You can stack several emitters.  When emitters are stacked, that translates into a single emitter.

Thanks Aleksey.
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