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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver Delete initial/leading silence after deconvolution?

Hi quick question, I've recorded several spaces impulse responses using the Altiverb method (single speaker in three stage positions with four DPA 2006 mic's) and after running the files through Devonvolver I notice there is varying amounts of "pre" delay on the files, should I remove this manually in order to line up all the files exactly?.

Here is a screenshot of the 4 deconvolved waveforms taken from the speaker center position. SCREENSHOT



This solely depends on your application.  If you need an array of impulses you should leave silence as it is (or remove an equal amount of pre-silence from all).  If you want to use impulses separately you may remove silence as needed.

Aleksey thanks very much for your reply.  Cheers.
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