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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver problems capturing a multti fx


im new to this. its the first time i try to capture an effect from a multi fx(sony hr mp5).

this effect is a reverb with a sweep delay.

first 1 get a sweeptone(24 bit stereo) from deconvoler. the lenght of this tone must! be 170ms. that the reverb sounds good in the right tempo.

my problem is.

when i record the tone thru the unit, i hear the sweepdelay and the reverb. after deconvolving it, i only hear the reverb, not the sweepdelay, but te sweepdelay is the main thing in this effect. whats is the problem. should i use an other test-tone?? if so, which tone should i use???? jens

Convolution cannot capture non-linear effects (sweeps).  Convolution should only be used to capture filter, reverb and delay effects.  Distortion and pitch changes are not covered by linear convolution.
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