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I am new to the Sir program but am very impressed.

I have access to to an AMS reverb and a lexicon 224xl and want to model them.

Can someone tell me exactly the process.  I am an experienced engineer but need the recipe for this kind of recording.

I'd like to make my samples 24bit 96k.

They will be amazing and i will share them but i need to know how to do it.

I'll record and edit in sawstudio.  Why do i need voxengo's product? what does it do?

Thanks in advance


First of all, what do you mean by 'model them'?

I guess, you mean recording a test tone and then recovering an impulse?  For this task, Deconvolver is a must.  It has a test tone generator.  You can process the generated test tone with your reverb unit and then use Deconvolver to recover the impulse.

This can be tricky or hard to understand at first, but in reality everything is pretty simple and straightforward.

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