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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver Strange deconvolution


Trying to deconvolve a signal , I get an IR which is just unacceptable, probably buggy.  I have a 10 second sweep, 48k, mono.

The deconvolved signal is nothing at all, or if you normalize the volume, almost completely silent, except for the end where there is some schwop or noise.

What am I doing wrong?  Can deconv not "trig" on my signal?  The bass response is VERY low.


Problem solved.  It turned out that Logic resampled the reference signal on import for some reason.  I was in other word trying to deconvolve with a reference signal of a different sample rate.

Using the resampled reference as a source test tone turned out to be a reasonable compromise.

OK, I'm glad this has been resolved.

Aleksey Vaneev: OK, I'm glad this has been resolved.

Yea me too.  I have a critical deadline, but I got it working, and the result was good too.  Thanks.

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