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Hi Forum,

Do any of you know of any current legal issues thruout the world with generating an impulse from a piece of commercial equipment and keeping it for your own personal use ?  How about distributing it (for free), anything there ?  Does it break any licenses ?

I'm talking legal issues, moral ones if any or opinions are ok too !



Hi Kylen, I think it's very similar to sampling -- I don't think it would be reasonable to expect someone who samples an electric piano to have to pay, or be somehow restricted by, Fender Rhodes.  In the same way I don't really see how Lexicon, TC, etc can expect royalties on impulses.  The thing is that the originals do provide genuine advantages over their samples/impulses -- the original Lexi, TC, etc will allow you to control, at will, any of a number of parameters (similarly, on a real Rhodes I could move the pickups, change my recording technique, etc); but perhaps most importantly, both will probably sound better than their samples/impulses, due to subtle non-linearities which can't be captured by convolution.  Obviously if someone has spent time developing an impulse library for sale then they are entitled to copyright it.  Anyway this no more than opinion (and I may well think something contradictory tomorrow).

Thanks Andrew.  I just started thinking about this myself after the question was raised on another forum.  I like your sample analogy.

I thought of the 'patch' wars of the '80's where a certain person would program a world class synth and the sound would become hugely popular on a big CD then was it or wasn't it cool to copy it and use it.  I don't know about the legality back then.  We've had 20 years of laws in between so who knows what might happen with this technology!


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