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Hi guys, Ive got a very strange problem here with the deconvolver and any help would be great!

After recording some IR files in a recital hall this morning I started to de-convolve, The first det of IRs were recorded with a pair of Neumann u89s - these deconvolved fine.  The second set were recorded with a pair of DPA 4004s.  Only one of about 10 recodings in this batch would deconvolve properly.  The rest just had the sweep still present in the file!!!

Ive tryed everthing!

Both sets were recorded at the same sampling rate,same bit depth, same software, same sweeps!!

Any ideas?

p.s. am i right in thinking that a correctly deconvolved signal should sound a little bit like a starter pistol?

Thanks alot guys


Please post a couple of files to my e-mail: along with the original sweep file.  I bet it's because of high non-linearity of the microphone, but I need to check.

As was discovered from our e-mails, this was a problem of sample rate difference - the recorded swept sine was at 48kHz whereas original swept sine is at 44.1kHz.
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