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Hi Aleksey...  I tried your plugins and I am really impressed by the quality of them.

One question: Why not to create a dynamic convolution plugin?  I know that with the power of actual PCs is very difficult if not imposible to make one working in real time.  But, why not to make a simple convolution pluging working in real time and the dynamic one in render stage.  It's like to have a "quality" buttom in it.

I'm really interested in something like this.  My digital recordings are lacking the smooth qualities of analog tape (in distorted guitars, I use ribbon mics to minimize the harsh of the high end frecuencies, but it seems not sufficient).

Many thanks and cheers...  Zep.

PD: or maybe a tape emulation plugin.

Actually, I'm not currently thinking about this idea.  Dynamic convolution is an area with many approaches, and so it is wide and needs deep attention.

E.g. there are many ways to measure dynamical aspects of equipment, and I think there is no magical approach that will precisely capture all kinds of non-linear equipment.

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