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Hi Impulse Modelers,

Do you suppose I could model a replica of the Chess Studios in Chicago, Illinois (USA) using Impulse Modeler ?

As I remember it was a room about 40 feet deep by about 25 feet wide and maybe 13 feet high (I can get better dimensions these are from memory).

The big thing is that it had baffles that would swing out from the wall effectively changing the size and shape of the room.  When you listen to some of the old blues records made there you can hear the room mic picking up the band playing but then during a solo I think they would either bring up the close mic on that instrument or swing one of the baffles out of the way so you could hear the instrument better.

When the solo finished the instrument would slide back into the room as the fader was lowered or baffle was reset.  The room had that thick kind of faraway sound - not too reverby but you can almost hear the wall and baffles eating the sound.  It just sounds like some late night jams recorded well after midnight on some lonely night.

I think the room makes it sound that way.  That's what I would like to create with this tool.  The way the air and building materials kind of compress and block the sound.  Should I try ?

I've never done Impulse Modeling.  The closest I've gotten is using an impulse in Sound Forge with acoustic mirror.


Kylen - I'd like to talk to you about Chess Studios.  Email me.


You can always try some modeling.  BTW, I'm also planning to release the next IM version which will feature air damping.

Nice Talkin to you John.

Aleksey, you are a magic genie.  I guess I better get started learning how to use IM then.  This is too much fun to be quicksand - right ?...

See you,


Hi Kylen,

Just wanted to say that IM is an amazing software.  I am a big fan of it.  For me this is the only way to get dense and diffuse reverb.  Actually, it is very easy to use.  The only thing you need to have to run it properly is some basic knowledge in an acoustic field.

All hte best,


Hi Vitaly,

OK, thanks.  I've read some of your posts and it seems you like it and can get some good sounds out of it.  Looks like I'll be coming on board soon to the world of Impulses.


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