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I'm a bit new to doing this, and am now out of my depth.

I have a Lexicon LXP15 unit i wish to recover the impulses from, and understand that I need to use sweep tones and deconvolver to do this.

I have downloaded deconvolver, but cannot get the 24bit test tones, and when I can get them (the link seems broken at the moment) I don't know what to do with them.

If anyone can help, I would be very grateful, and of course the impulses will be sent to noisevault for everyone to download.

Please email advice to me at and thanks again to everyone involved in this fascinating area.

All you need is to run sweep tone through your device and record it.  If you are capturing reverb you need to remove dry sound in device's settings and try to get maximum output volume for wet sound.  Before deconvolving make sure your recording is not clipped, you have not used non-linear (tube) preamps and your recording's head and tail are not chopped.

Aleksey, what is the difference between using a six second sweep or a longer 10/12 second sweep?

What one gives the better results and why?

Also, am I better off capturing the tones at 24 bit or 32 bit float - indeed, does deconvolv handle 32 bit float files?

Finally, what about sample rate? should I use 96 K and also do 44.1k as an option?

I know these are probably silly questions, but as I am going to make these IR's available I want to do the best job I can.

Thanks for your Patience everyone.

I think using longer file gives more precise results.

You can capture tones at any bit depth (even 16 bits). deconv handles almost all types of uncompressed WAV files.

You can capture at the highest rate possible, because lower rates can be created by means of downsampling (with r8brain, for example).

Thanks for all the help.

I ended up getting the job done, and the first batch is now up on, and they do sound a lot better with that EQ trick you mentioned Aleksey - cheers for that.

I used a sweeptone of my own creation in the end - thought it was the best way to go.  Used 24 bit and 44.1 KHz, and will get around to some High Res at 24/96 just as soon as I have a spare day.

I'll post you the results via FTP if you like, but thanks to the help I completely redid the batch I originally sent you, so those should be deleted from the server now as the new ones are MUCH better.

Ok, Thanks.  I'll d/l them from noisevault when I need them.
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