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Hi All,

Can anybody send me an impulse of Lexicon480L or give a link where I can get it from.  I am really interesting to compare it to what I have done on IM.  Any input would be very appreciated.




Hey Vitaly.

Any tips you might care to give about how to achieve those lush Lexicon sounds with IM would be greatly appreciated.  You know, mic placement, material choices, room shape, etc.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Empty Planet,

First of all, I didn't want to get a sound of 480L, I am quite happy with what I've got.  I just wanted to compare.  And I must admit after playing around with impulses of 960 I still prefer my ones.  Here is results of two weeks experiments:

1.Don't think about IM as a software to imitate REAL spaces but as the one to get high quality reverb with a density impossible to reach by hard/soft reverb.

2.To get dense, lush rev try to escape parallel walls in your design.  Thus, you can get more 'massy' reflection field.

3.  To get smooth, but still transparent, sound keep Frequency Damping for 22050 equal 0.5 and try 9000 somewhere between 0.5-0.8.  For the rest of frequencies try 0.95-0.97.

4.  If you are a fan of 'Right Math' reverb, find a mic posission on equal distance from nearest three walls.  In that case first reflections will come in same time.

5.I prefer to imitate mics by a cross to get omni-direction figure.

6.It is up to you how many rays you use for experiments, but a final impulse must be rendered with Ray count=40000 and Window Size=600.

On my P4 2.26G rendering of 3-4 sec. impulse takes 2-3 min.  Now, lets ask ourself what kind of reverb can hard/soft rev. create it they work in real time?

I would like to emphasize, I am not trying to give a recipe how to create a REAL reverb.  If you are looking for Real one, try impulses from Samplitude set or Altiverb.  But, the interesting thing is by carefull tweaking you can get artificial sound which will surprisly please you even more.  BTW This is the way 960 works.  Aleksey promises to implement the imitation of air with next update which must make impulses even more smoother.

Hope it will help.  If you have something to share...Go hard :-)



Wow Vitaly, thanks for the in-depth response!  Very much appreciate it.  I agree, the IM has its own sound.  Seems like you're doing a great job of finding its strengths.  Thanks again for the detailed response.


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