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Hi Aleksey,

I keep perfecting my craft in modeling.  Sounds really good!  Thanks for IM!!

Here is some notes for wish list:

1.Add lines(like on a ruler) for Frequency Damping Bars.  The best solution would be small windows under the bars showing actual bar's position, but the lines could do a job as well.  It would help to escape mistakes, considerablly.

2.Working with 'Frequency Damping' would be more understanding and easier if it's bars ware up side down, as we can see on every plug-ins around.  Thus, to damp some frequiency range we would put a bar down, not up.

3.Normalize of a design on Geometry field.  Sometimes, we have to redo everything from a ground just because in the middle of modeling process we realize that dimensions of design should be wider.

4.Choosing a group of objects by mouse and moving them on Geometry field.  Probably, this feature would work just when Grid was Off.

5.Possibility to create a semicircle.  For example, first we create a wall, as usual, then add one more vertex, somewhere in a middle, and pull it aside by mouse+shortcut.

6.Imitation of Air Frequency Damping.  Even with strong enough high frequency damping of walls, one can hear irritant high-Freq. early reflections.  Especially, it is a case with long-time designs.  I guess, the reason of it is absense of frequency-dependent damping of air.  At the moment, 'Air Sustain' has a linear character for all frequency range, right?  And it takes some time for wall's damping to press high frequency.  Using SIR's EQ just makes whole sound dull.  In real world, even first rays of a sound sourse rich the walls damped by air, especially in high freq. range.  I sent a letter to you with attached preset and description how I can see it could be done.

Best regards,


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