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Hi everybody,

Because CubaseSX can compensate plugin's delay on audio channels, only (well, at the moment) here is a tip how one can use SIR for mixdown with different send level for every channel.

1.  Set SIR in 'VST Send Effects' window with settings you like

2.  Create a group channel in your session

3.  Set native Cubase's DoubleDelay on it with delay=371ms(44.1kHz) or 341ms(48kHz) for L/R, feedback=0 and Mix=100%

4.  Every channel, which was sent into Master before, sent into this new group channel

5.  Adjust send levels to SIR as you wish

Now, you can mixdown like you use to do.  What we did is delayed whole audio on same time as SIR does to match Dry audio to Wet one.  The only problem left is, audio you are hearing, late form what you see on screen.

Sorry, if this tip was described before, somewhere, I made it up by myself.



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