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Hi Aleksey,

I have some idea for a plug-ing, maybe you will find it interesting.

As we know Early Reflections play a considerable role in our ability to locate a sound source.  Still, ER generator is probably the weakest part of most reverb plug-ings.  In it’s best we have some random echoes, which have nothing to do with a source position.  I propose to build some sort of ‘Ambient panner’, which will take in account early reflections (only) of an acoustic space but won’t create any ‘late’ reverberation.  Thus, user can get a realistic pan effect and apply his favorite reverb after (with ER generator tuned off).  You have already built all parts - ImpulseModeler (modified) and a convolution engine.  If you could combine them into one ‘two buttons’ plug-ing, it would be just brilliant.  I could help with details.  What do you think?



P.S.  Could you delete my account with name ‘Vitaly’ in your data base, I put wrong e-mail address there, please?

I understand your idea, but I do not have time to devote to it right now - too many things to do, and too many ideas to implement, already.  Sorry for this.

As for the account, it cannot be, unfortunately, removed.

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