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I'm very interested in Impulse Reverberation.  It sounds much more natural then soft/hard reverbs I've tried before.  But, for me it is absolutely new area.  Can you recommend some VST/DX Impulse Reverberator plugins, please?  I run CubaseSX.  Any reply would be very appreciated.



Greetings from New Zealand

You can try this free VST convolution reverb plugin called SIR:

Thanks.  Anything else?  BTW Aleksey, do you have any plans to create your own Impulse Reverb?

Best Regards,


For now, I think creating a new convolver plug-in is not commerically feasible.  I believe that with such tools as SIR in existance it will be very difficult to market anything like that.

I have other ideas and I think I will better work on them than on something that I have to compete against.



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