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Can you tell me if these steps are correct ?

[Case 1] I want to make a DRY studio recording sounding like played in a specific ROOM

--> Solution --> [1] I go to that room [2] I record a DRY and then a WET reference inpulse [3] I use Voxengo Deconvolver and I obtain a reference inpulse WAV file [4] I use (for example) Nuendo "Audio Stamp" feature with my DRY studio recording and by using this new reference inpulse WAV, so I obtain an "ambienced" recording.  Do this is right ?

[Case 2] I want to obtain a DRY studio recording from a WET recording played in a specific ROOM

--> Solution --> I don't know how to do this ?  Can you tell a step-by-step instruction on how to obtain this ?  What I have to record ?  And where to put the files, how to process them and so on ?  Many thanks in advance for your reply !

1.  To obtain 'reference impulse file' you will need to record a sinesweep in that specific room.  Then use Deconvolver to recover the impulse file.  Steps are described in the user's manual.

Usually you cannot remove reverberation from the signal with reverberation, and retain quality.  In some cases this is possible, but not always.  So, I would not expect good results from attempts to get a dry studio recording from 'wet' recording.

If you want to try that, you also need to recover an impulse response of the room, and then use Deconvolver to deconvolve (dereverberate) wet recording using room's impulse response.
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