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Hi.  Really like the software, but the way the materials, receptors and emitters interact is anything but simple.  I'm learning some things from the preset spaces, but I'd still like to hear from someone who might be kind enough to explain some dos and don'ts.  What are things to bear in mind if you want a realistic space?  What are things to bear in mind if you want a lush, Lexicon-like space?  How will positioning the receptors effect the delay before the main reverb begins?  Etc., etc.

Thanks very much!

This new beta contains a rather complete manual.

Ah..  Those questions are not answered in the manual...  I'll try to answer them in the upcoming release version.


It can work using the Material Editor and create your own material with the frequency damping settings and sustain parameter.  This is a strong feature in Impulse Modeler

and has a great effect on the sound.

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