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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver A short low freq pulse at the end of raw IRs

I recently recorded all the presets of the Lex 960 with 30 second sweeps.  At the very end of my deconvoluted recordings (the raw IRs) there is a very short pulse of a low freq sine, faded in.

I used some 12-15 seconds of silence after the sweep recording.

What might be causing this anomaly?  I guess it's not serious, as it will be cut out with the rest of the long noise tail (= -130 dB!), but I want to try to control the noise causes as much as possible.  Just curious.

Peter Emanuel Roos / (IR libs)

Could you send me via e-mail some example impulse so I can say for sure if that's good or bad in my opinion?
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