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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver Dithering for SRC from 32 bit IR's to 24 bit?

If I create IR's (by using sweeps and the Deconvolver) and I want to create 24 bit versions from my 32 bit edited master IR's, is R8Brain the best converter?  Or should I consider noise-shaping dithering?

Is noise shaping useful in IR files anyway?

Thanks in advance,

Peter Roos /

Peter Emanuel Roos / (IR libs)

I think r8brain PRO should be OK, because 24-bit files have a lot of dynamic range even without noise-shaping.

Noise-shaping is also useful for IR files - it may increase resolution in lower frequencies (at the expense of some noise at highest frequencies).  But this is useful for 16-bit files only.

Thanks very much Aleksey,

I only deliver my IR's in 24, so I will go for R8Brain Pro for the final SRC.



Peter Emanuel Roos / (IR libs)

You are welcome!
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