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Forums     Plugins     Impulse Modeler and Deconvolver How would I create an impulse response of a speaker?

Would I just use the test tone generator in Deconvolver and run it through my amplifier, record the test tone through the speaker, "deconvolve" it, then run it through a convulution reverb plug-in?

Yes, exactly so.

Aleksey - I've decided to give this a try.  I noticed that the impulses I produced have varying lengths (though they all used the standard 3 second sine sweep Deconvolver provides).  I'm wondering if I should expect to need to compensate for the file length to avoid the guitar track itself being delayed?  For example, if the impulse file winds up with a length of "0.323 s" should I expect to compensate the track by that number?

Resulting length is equal to recorded file length minus sweep length (3 seconds in your case).  You may lengthen the recorded file to make a longer impulse.

In either case you'll need to manually edit the resulting impulse - to remove leading silence, for example.  In many cases leading silence can be minimized down to several samples - in that case you won't need to compensate tracks.

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