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An idea came to my mind right now.

When people talk about Sabine absorption coefficients, they usually transform 0.08, 0.20, 0.70 readings into percentage (8%, 20%, 70% of absorbtion).  If percentage values are exact estimates of how much enegry surface absorbs at a given frequency, then transforming it into Impulse Modeler decibell form is very easy: 20 * log( 1 - Coeff ) / log( 10 ).

Relations between Sabines and IM decibell form can be more complicated, but right now that's the only way I see they can be converted.

However, this formula does not cover coefficients above 1.0.  But maybe applying some additional scaling will take care of that.

On the other hand, Sabines above 1.0 are simply invalid (strangely enough, I've seen them somewhere).

So, the formula I've provided above can be correct.

Measurement of Sound Absorption discusses these 'over 1.0' values..  They are indeed strange, but are technically correct.  However, test method should avoid generation of such values.
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