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I have a possible opportunity to get into an acoustic space that has probably the longest reverb time I have ever heard, the 'Lung' building at Biosphere 2, located near Oracle Arizona.  I case you may have heard about this place, B2 is a 4 acre "terrarium" under glass where 8 people lived for 2 years in a self-contained environment.  The Lung is one of two such buildings that use a large rubber diaphram located in a large hemispherical structure to control and balance the air pressure, as the main facility heats up and cools down.

I have to good fortune to know several of the Biospherians, as well as the architect of the structure, who took me into the lung once with my violin.  I play a note and was astounded at the reverb tail, with what seems like an ininite delay.  I did not have a chance to measure the reverb decay time but I would guess it is on the order of several minutes.

GIven that, I would like to record and generate an impulse response file for use with Pristine Space or Perfect Space.  Would this be possible using Deconvolver as the tone generator?  I would take my laptop, and Edirol FA-101 FW audio interface, Sonar 4, and probably a single small powered monitor speaker to generate the test tone.

I have a choice of mics, but my best ones are a pair of Earthworks TC-20's, which are omnis, and a Marshal V69 tube.  The Earthworks are the most transparent and best quality mic I currently own.  I suspect that an omni would be ideal for this situation, right?

Given the long decay time, would a short test tone be best?  Any further thoughts?

It is suggested to capture real spaces with a longer sweep - as long as you can afford (at least 48 seconds).

What is more challenging (and this is where only you can decide) is choosing an appropriate mic and speaker placement so that the recorded reverb sounds most useful.

I believe omni mic is OK, but it would be best if you could run two takes with different mics - it's always a good thing, to have several choices.

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