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Recently, I tried to make some IRs of some VST Fx (..don't laugh..) in order to have that sound without taxing my cpu with features I don't really want.  As an example I tried to convolve the tube sound algorithm of a favourite vst eq I have without actually wanting its eq curves.  Just the warmth.

So, I made a 3sec sweep tone with Deconvolver, opened it in Soundforge and applied the effect.  Then by using the instructions from Deconvolver's manual I tried to make the IR.  All I achieved was a phasey sound with delay.. (very good indeed but not what I had in mind!!..)

I tried adding silence in the end of the recorded file and using different settings for deconvolver but I'm doing something wrong.

Can someone please give me step by step instructions on how to succeed?  I'm mostly interested in insert effects such as eqs, preams etc (hardware and software).

Thanks in advance

I guess you are trying to capture IR from the source which is not suitable for capturing.  Convolution (and hence Deconvolver) cannot work with 'tube' or alike sound sources.  It only captures EQ and phase coloration.  Tube distortion leads to a wrong impulse capture results.

So how are the IRs I find all around the net (including that refer to preamps, tube eqs, mics, guitar preamps, even Line6 Pod captured??

(I am still not talking about reverbs)

They do not capture behavior of these devices - only 'average' EQ and phase coloration.  As far as I know in many cases due to various distortions hardware units introduce it is simply impossible to capture a good impulse file.
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