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hi i own a uad-1 dsp-card (kind of like the powercore dsp) and

wanted to convolute (is this the right way to use the convolution

verb ?! :-D ) the excellent realverb pro, dreamverb. and also the

Fairchild 670 and universal audio 1176 LN compressors (both are

"as good as it gets" copies of the original very pricy vintage hardware

maybe even the pulteq eq.

so i was wondering which program to use to capture the sound of these

plugins the best so others can enjoy them or some lucky bastards even

compare them to the originals ;-)

the whole convolution thing is quite new to me, i know how to use the

impulses in a convolution plugin, but was wondering how to get started

to make my own impuls responses in combination with my uad-1 plugins.

some tips links would be apreciated :-)

after i have read my openingpost, just wanted to add that i am not

a salesman or marketeer for universal audio products whehehe ;-)

probably this topic has been done over and over again with just about the

same questions.... but i couldn't find a nice introduction into the matter

through the search-function. so some pointers or links would be very

apreciated :)

First of all, you can't use convolution to capture dynamic processing (compressors, choruses, etc).  You can capture reverbs (without modulation FX) and equalizers (phase and response coloration) only.

Deconvolver's manual contains a basic description on how to capture impulses.

For more 'basic' information (and impulse directory) I suggest you to visit

thank you :)

You are welcome!

You can actually use convolution to capture the sound of vintage Compressors.

What you end up with is an impulse of the way the hardware's electronics modifies the sound, and not the actual compression though.

The LA2A has been done.

Have a look on for both impulses and an excellent forum dealing with these topics.

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