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Forums     Plugins     HarmoniEQ HarmoniEQ to add bass harmonics to midrange?

For the purposes of sound localization enhancement, I'd like to experiment with creating harmonics from low frequency sounds (<200Hz), and playing back these harmonics on a center midrange speaker placed in a different location.  What I need is a plugin that will create harmonics from a lowpass filtered signal and then highpass filter the output so that only the harmonics remain, for the most part.  Can HarmoniEQ be used for this purpose, perhaps in conjunction with other VSTs?

HarmoniEQ is not suitable for that purpose.  I suggest you to try LF Max Punch - with "Monitor" switch enabled.  You can process the low-freq part of the sound with the saturation while passing only saturation to the output.  Takes some time to grasp the concept, but easy afterwards.

Thanks for the reply.  Would pumping mode be best for my application?  I don't want the harmonics to be level-dependent.  I just want to add harmonics to the signal and then remove the original signal.

MarkZ: Thanks for the reply.  Would pumping mode be best for my application?

I suggest you to try both modes to hear which one sounds better.

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