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Forums     Plugins     HarmoniEQ about using this plug in on a macbook pro alluminioum 3,1

I cannot use the plug in on my mac book pro 2,4 ghz processor

Do you know why?

You can load plug-ins in some audio host application like Logic Pro, Ableton Live and others.  Which audio application are you using?


cpu usage with voxengo EQ is 70%

Do you have an Intel or PowerPC MacBook Pro?


mac book pro 3,1 alluminium 2008

2.4 Ghz cor 2 duo

2 GB ram

which could be the problem?

I also reduced graphic settings on voxengo plug in but is still hard to use.

I have no idea what can be wrong.  I can only suggest you to wait when we update HarmoniEQ again - it will have various optimizations implemented since its last release.

problem of RAM I guess....

carlo: problem of RAM I guess....

I'm not sure...

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