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I've recorded some M/S tracks and wonder how to EQ them with HarmoniEQ.  There are 2 mono tracks (M, S); on the S track, I currently have the Voxengo plugin PHA-979 inserted to tweak the phase a little.  Both tracks are being sent to a stereo group, while track M is panned hard left and track S is panned hard right.

On the group track, I first have Voxengo MSED set to "Decode".

Currently, I have just inserted HarmoniEQ after MSED and done nothing yet with its internal routing options.

Do I really need MSED on the group track, or can I achieve the same with HarmoniEQ alone?  Also, what's best for EQ-ing such a M/S-recording?  And how do I need to configure the HarmoniEQ routing for this?

Yes, you need MSED since HarmoniEQ expects plain stereo signal input.  Simply load the "Mid-Side Stereo" routing preset in HarmoniEQ and then adjust the EQ to your needs.
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