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I have the task to create several audio files that simulate the effect of wearing ear plugs.

See here a PDF with frequencies and db affected by a certain range of ear plugs:

I have several questions:

1) Which plugin is best suited to achieve the most realistic simulation?

2) And what would be the settings used to simulate e.g. the ER-15?

3) I also need a spectrum analyzer, that gives me a graph for the average spectrum of the sound example (on a scale from 0 to 120 dB).  I only need the 7 frequencies used in the PDF to express the amount of dampening.

The highest dampening value is 43.5 dB at 4MHz.



The easiest way to replicate the response is to use CurveEQ.  The PDF is self-explanatory - if you do not understand it I suggest you to study frequency response plots first.  That plot goes up to 8 kHz only.  4Mhz is in unaudible range.

Okay, but I have a Mac.

And the damping value (given in the pdf) is the amount I decrease the dB on each frequency?

I'm not sure the "dB" refers to the same measure in that PDF and in sound editing software.

Sorry, I meant 4kHz.

Yes, it's expressed in common decibel value for each frequency.

CurveEQ is not yet available for Mac OS X.  You may use GlissEQ as well with filter's Dyn parameter set to 0.  However, it's a bit tedious to draw arbitrary EQ curves in GlissEQ.

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