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Usually, we boost frequency we feel lack of, and we cut frequency we want to get rid of.  And using dynamic equalization is pretty clever way to get what we need as long as some range is boosted.  Dynamic equalization can give some sort of 'stability', for example, I managed to get a crisp vocal without applying de-esser.  Things change when we're going to cut something, though.  Now, as soon as a 'wrong' frequency appears, GlissEQ will decrease it's rate of cutting.  But what should happen is cutting must go even deeper, thus we will get the same sort of 'stability' as when we're boosting.  Aleksey, can you add one more mode, please?



I'm not sure cut should be presumed as a priority element.  Moreover, I do not know logic behind the dynamic maximizing of the cut amount - you should probably simply disable the dynamic behavior.

Well, logic is simple.  As an example, lets take El.Piano's solo part we just recorded.  It sounds quite nice in the top register but a little 'boxy' (boomy) in the low one.  Of course, as you suggested, we can cut some range (let it be 300Hz/-4db) with disabled dynamic OR we could make 300Hz/-1db cut and 'ask' GlissEQ to cut deeper but when it is necessary, only.  By this way, we won't sacrifice the warm of high notes to low ones.  The same is for acc.guitar, vocals and etc.  I am just trying to use dynamic eq on 100% ;)

Anyway, no matter if you are going to implement it or not, I want to say this is one of the best eq I've met.  I'm afraid I have to buy both of them, Gliss and Harmoni :)

BTW That button upon Volume (or Level) knob, it has something to do with open/import files, right?  Then it would be logical to remove it into Preset menu.

All the best,


I understand the idea, but how much 'deeper' it should go?  Technically speaking, It's not as obvious as it seems.

'Import' button is designed to be used with Elevayta SpaceBoy - not much use for it otherwise.  Maybe you are right about Preset menu - I'll see if I can move it to this menu.

I wouldn't mind trying out this new mode also - I think it would be very useful.  But what is it exactly?  Do I have the wrong idea, if so please correct...

The amount of EQ cut for a particular filter is always set at the gain knob for that filter bank and will be some negative dB amount as shown on the user interface.

The more dynamic program material will always be cut by the amount set at the filter gain control.  What the Dyn knob controls is the amount of gain reduction (cut) that the filter applies to the less dynamic program material.

Dyn Knob=0 OFF

Less dynamic material will get the maximal 100% cut.  More dynamic material will also get the maximal 100% cut.

Dyn Knob=1 Minimal Dynamic consideration

Less dynamic material would get a slightly less than maximal cut (about 90%) - more dynamic material would get the maximal cut (about 100%).

Dyn Knob=9 Maximal Dynamic consideration

Less dynamic material would get a minimal cut (nearing 0%) - more dynamic material would get the maximal cut (about 100%).

This is very oversimplified I'm sure - but is it the general idea for the request, from a user interface point of view ?

Aleksey, if it would be a hardware, I would say that all you have to do is invert phase of a controling signal for a filter.  I mean that signal coming out of a dynamic block.  Then Dyn knob will define how 'deeper' the filter can cut.

Kylen, you are almost right.  The only difference is the MINIMAL cut is defined by Gain knob of the filter and the MAXIMAL cut depends on dynamic of material and Dyn knob's position.  The more you turn it to the right, the 'deeper' cut you can get.  The way you see it would be even harder to implement, I guess.

Thanks Vitaly - I have it now!

Mode "V" - I'll take one Aleksey! :)

Vitaly, I'll check this out - seems like what you are asking for is just exchanging numerator and denominator in the equation.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes....

Aleksey: If I generally understand Vitaly, this is what I was trying to get at in my other post (in which you recommended I check out Transmodder instead).

The example about the piano needing the cut sometimes, but not others, is exactly what I'm looking for.  And this has continued to bug me in my understanding of this plug: the way I understand it, the Dyn boosting is more or less a transient enhancer/empasizer... right?

So... it should follow that dynamic "cuts" would provide a stability or balance not possible without your dynamic approach.  In the example of the piano, the cut around 300 Hz would only take place when the pianist was in a certain range (and the sound got boomy) - at other times (like when in the upper range), that frequency range would be mostly (or totally) unaffected.

FWIW - I'm purchasing this plug today...  AND HarmonEQ...  AND Crunchessor.  If you could look into "dynamic cuts" I'd be very grateful!

BTW, I've just analysed this feature and must say that it would not work with the model I use in GlissEQ.  This 'dynamic cut' approach automatically transforms into the full cut.
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.