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Hi Aleksey,

Using stereo plugins on mono tracks in SX has been problematic, since V.  2.0.

Often, stereo plugins show a maxed out right channel, constantly.

The problem with Gliss EQ is, that the analyzer always shows left AND right channel.

So the complete analyzer curve immediately moves to the top and stays there.

I.e.: the analyzer is unusable !

This does not always happen, but with my current project,

it happens on every mono instance of GlissEQ.

I guess the easiest way, to fix this would be a Left/Right/Stereo selector, like in CurveEQ.

CurveEQs analyzer shows exactely the same problem, when set to stereo.

But when switched to show the left channel only, it works again.

bye, Jan

Is this 'mono->stereo plug-in' problem is inherent to SX or do you think this is GlissEQ's problem?  Do you know of plug-ins produced by other vendors which show the same behaviour?

This can probably be a problem related to SX2 which 'switched some rules' when handling such mono-capable plug-ins.  I'll check this out and try to fix it ASAP.


I found the cause !

It was another plugin, inserted on a different track (!),

that caused the right channel of stereo plugins to go to max,

on all mono channels in the project (!!)

Pheww that was a tough one ...

I can easily replace this offending plugin.

It's a free EQ, I tested some time ago and forgot, that it was still there ...

Hmmm ...  I'm sure I've seen this before.

It seems there are other plugins, that can cause this error ...

OK, not Your problem.

Sorry for making waves !

bye, Jan

OK, thanks for letting me know.

and the story continues ....

Today I found that projects which have mono output busses,

also cause GlissEQs analyzer to go to max immediately.

No harmful plugin needed.

Again no thorough testing, just observation.

A Left/Right/Stereo switch would help ( as it does in CurveEQ ).

Not extremly urgent, as I also have output presets with stereo busses, only.

bye, Jan

OK.  I'm going to implement the L/R/LR switch then.

But before I go on could you check the v2.3a I've just posted?  I do really want to fix that issue because it does look like an issue with the plug-in.

Just downloading ...

I'm not sure though, that this is caused by GlissEQ.

Other plugins show the same behaviour.

Those, that have stereo output meters show normal metering on the left channel,

while the right channel sticks to max, constantly.

( OK, this may be caused by incomplete VST 2.3 implementation ... )

Will report, later.


Great !

Whatever I do, I can not get the analyzer to fail, anymore !!

Mono busses, even the offending free EQ plugin ...

The analyzer keeps working.

I will have to test on other songs, but for now, it looks as if it's fixed !

Thanks again, Aleksey !

bye, Jan

Indeed, it can be true that Steinberg has switched something when handling mono->stereo capable plug-ins.  I've tried to implement some additional checks.

Glad to hear it works now!

I wonder if this is what causes the problems that some users of the UAD-1 have had with glitches?

I am fortunate as right now my DAW is flawless. - now where's that handy lump of wood??

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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.