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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.

Hi, I purchased GlissEQ today after trialing it for a while and I have to say it's an absolutely superb product.  For me the ability to layer the spectrum of one track over another is just inspired - why hasn't anyone ever thought of this before!  It provides such useful visual feedback when mixing elements to fit well together within a track.  Excellent work, many thanks!

I've a few suggestions from my initial trials which I thought might be useful to share.  And please, don't take any of these as criticisms - I think GlissEQ is a superb product and these are just a few ideas that might help make it even better!

- Being able to solo a channel is a great feature, but for me I'd find a "mute" button per band even more useful.  That way I could A/B the effect a particular band is having to the overall sound.

- A shortcut way to show the before and after spectrum would be excellent (i.e. before the EQ effect and after) so you could really see the effect your EQ settings are having to the audio.  You can achieve the same effect manually by using two GlissEQs - one in the preceding Insert slot, feeding it's input to the next one so you can overlay it.  However a shortcut method of doing this would avoid this, and it's probably something people would like to do quite often.

- Mousewheel support on knobs would be helpful; this is something a lot of VST plugins are implementing these days and I find it a real plus.  Also, it might be a nice shortcut to allow the mousewheel to control the 'Q' setting of an EQ band if you're over a control point.

- Sometimes I'd like to completely disable the dynamic effect for a particular band.  At the moment this seems to only go down to "1" rather than "0", and "1" seems to still have some kind of effect.  Is that right?  Either allowing a setting of 0 or having a "Dyn off" button per band perhaps.

- I find myself using the high/low pass filters a lot, and now that the slope of these can be changed (a very nice addition) I find that when I initially choose them they've got a mad peak because their 'flat' default is somewhere like 2.5 rather than the knob's default of 1.33.

- A minor point; right-clicking a point cycles between different filter types, but only a subset of them (e.g. high/low pass don't feature).  Is that by design so that you don't choose these less common filters by accident?

Just a few points I thought might be useful to raise.  But once again, thanks for an awesome product...

Thank you for all these ideas.  I'll try to fulfill some of them for sure.

I won't be able to implement input/output spectrum switch because that would require to run an additional spectrum analyzer which actually consumes CPU a lot.

You can already mute a band by right-clicking on the filter type selector.  It goes on and off.  But I'll see if I can add a normal switch for this.

Aleksey.  What can I say except thanks!  Details of the new release arrived in my inbox today and you've already implemented practically everything I suggested above.  In 3 days!

Now that's what I call service!

Many thanks once again.  I'm truly impressed.

Got a few more suggestions to send through soon too ;)

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.