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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.

Hi Aleksey,

I had Track3 GlissEQ export to #3, track 6 had overlay #3 enabled.  No other overlays were selected on any other tracks.  As I went to use GlissEq2 EQ #3 on track 6 I got an exception:

WndProc exception on 00000202: Access violation at address 61002000.  Read of address 61002000.

I hit the OK button in the error box, Sonar3 did not crash, as I went along further to try to adjust EQ #3 on track 6 again I noticed none of the controls for EQ #3 would respond.  Then I got another exception:

Exception during "dispatchEffectClass": Access violation at address 04BB3170 in module "VoxengoGliss2.dll" Read of address FFFFFFFF (15 0 0)

After shutting down Sonar3 and restarting it things seem normal now.

When the first exception actually happened?  I.e. after you have started to drag the nodes, or when you tried to assign the overlay?

Aleksey - no it wasn't while trying to assign the 3rd overlay I had already completed that. (Note the 1st 2 overlay positions were not assigned).

I guess I was trying to change the gain setting of the 2nd GlissEQ2 EQ#3 as it appeared to be stuck or frozen.

Have you dragged the knob or the node on the surface?

In any case, please check out the latest GlissEQ v2.1a beta I've uploaded.  I've made some rearrangements which should fix the problem you've encountered, and also I've made low-pass and high-pass filters Q-changable.

Oh - sorry...

No I wasn't dragging a node I was trying to 'turn' the gain knob.  I'll try out GlissEQ2 later tonight thanks for the improvements & fixes !


OK, so that was a knob...  Thanks for the info, I'll look further then.

Hi Aleksey,

I just used GlissEQ2 v2.1a for a bit in the same manner as when I got the exceptions and it seems to have gone away.

Something different has shown up.  Because it is so easy to see what I'm doing using 2 GlissEQs in series and the spectrum overlay feature (I just noticed I'm not using Ozone3 spectrums anymore...) I right clicked on the 1st overlay slot from yesterday to disable it and added overlay #4 to the 2nd overlay slot.  Things were going along fine till I set the last filter as High Shelf then the audio began to 'oscillate' and Sonar3 went into audio dropout - I think this means GlissEQ2 was eating too much cpu for some reason and Sonar started stuttering.  The cpu was running at 65% when I turned on the last Gliss filter - that is usually more than enough and wouldn't normally choke.

I was using all filters and the types were peaking, peaking Z, and low shelf.  I was using knobs only no node adjustment.  I can mail you a jpg of the screen if you like - there were no exceptions.

That spectrum overlay is one cool animal !

Please save the preset and send it to me to

The preset where 'oscillation' happened after adding the High Shelf.

Screenshot could be of use, too.

By the way, I have uploaded v2.1b.  I've adjusted some 'dynamic behavior' related constants.  Filters should be more stable now.  Possibly, the oscillation you've got directly relates to the filter unstability occasionally happened.
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.