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i'm wondering how the glisseq works with nuendo.. i just got the glissEq, and it sounds great with out a doubt.. but its eatting up cpu..  10 of them had my cpu at 60% and i have a athlon 3200+!!!!!!

i've mixed hole songs with all waves plugins and the cpu never even gets to 40% and thats 4-5 reverbs, plenty of eq's, compressors, etc...

then next release, will this problem be fixed?

I doubt this is a problem.  GlissEQ is not a standard EQ and uses a far more advanced algorithm that require much CPU resources.  You can try to set to 'Normal' quality and then you may use two times more instances.

Runs just fine under Nuendo 2.10.10 for me.  If you are using them in a tracking situation, or on channels, the full PDC in Nuendo can use up CPU resources if you are not careful.

no setting it to normal doesn't change at all.

i'm running Nuendo 2.10.10

i don't have any problems with the system at all.. but i just got my glisseq and it eats up cpu power..

i can have 30 Waves Ren 6band eq's on and they don't hit my cpu as hard as 10 glisseq's.

i wasn'y using during tracking.. i was starting a mix and was testing my 3 top eq's..

the sv-517, Ren eq and the gliss.. the sv-517 and ren.. i can have 30+ of them along with rvox, rcomps, different reverbs i use..

this eq eats up cpu power...

with no plugins on the session has my cpu at 3-5%... once i tern on 5-10 gliss eq's the cpu is over 50%.. it shouldn't be..

the session is 32/48khz

o well it was only $60.. didn't waste to much money

Quote :

atl producer wrote:

o well it was only $60.. didn't waste to much money
Well man , you didn't waste any money at all and I wouldn't have called it a 'Waste'.  If that Eq gives you better quality than other Eqs so thats what matters the most and take into consideration that for giving better results than other Eqs a demanding CPU Resources algorithms are required.

Have a good day :)

i just got my uad-1 in today.

i'll stick with cambridge and the pultec.. which i love.. i can get the sound i'm after easy

the gliss is an awesome eq.. so no its not a waste.. i just wish i could use more of them..

the song i'm mixing right now.. i have a total of 48 tracks going.. i wish i could have 48 gliss eq's IF need be.. or at least 30.. but it takes so much power i can't..

i'm running

33 Waves Q6's

4 Waves Q8's

1 Waves Q10

a few S1's

Sir reverb(tc6000 impules)

a few C1 gates

my cpu isn't at 60% yet.... though with 12 gliss eq's i would be around 70%

the uad-1 is running 1176 and La2a comps across the vox and instruments along with realverb pro

i like voxengo products.. when i first got curve eq i thought it was the best thing ever.. i still use it. it don't use a bunch of power like gliss either.

Hi alt producer,

Maybe kind of sub-mixing some stems or pre-rendering some tracks might give you some more leverage.  Not the perfect world though.

Cool Edit Pro lets me hit a button to do an automatic-prerender and lock the track so the effects stop eating the cpu.  Of course you have to unlock it to make an adjustment.

I think Sonar3 has a multi-step lock or track freeze.  I guess you could manually pre-render something in Nuendo if it doesn't have track locking.

1176 - yummy !


GlissEQ is a bit cpu intensive, but i would gladly take quality over quantity of plugins anyday.  I'm sure you already tried this, but you can always keep it in normal quality and switch them all to HQ for rendering.  Have you looked at FXMAX FXFreeze?  This is a very useful and reasonably priced tool which freezes effects to release CPU *AND* memory resources and works in every host I have tried (OrionPlatinum, FL demo, Sonar3 demo, Samplitude demo, surely it will work with Nuendo too).  UAD Pultec is damn amazing though, and in fact Voxengo plugs are some of the few native plugs I still use after having bought the UAD-1/all plugins and a Creamware PulsarII.  Imagine a Voxengo DSP card!  Wow!


a voxengo dsp card i'd love to have..

and yea i can process the plugin on use freeze... i just usually never have to.

as for normal or high.. it doesn't change much at all..

the amd64 3200 has so much power i figured it would take it no problem.. i've been using pultec and cabridge and they render me a great quality.. so until i can get my gliss problem fixed i'm gonna mainly use those 2 eq's..

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.