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Great job Aleksey!

A new standard in equalizing!

Hi Aleksey!

I just bought the GlissEQ.  So far. so great.  One thing, what happened to the tube simulation that was in the demo?  Decide to leave it out?  Thanks once again.



Yes, I've decided not to include saturation stage now.  It was not too great anyways.  I'm seeking for something better to add to GlissEQ.  In any case, what was there in saturation stage was not very different from some of the Lampthruster's presets.


From reading about this plug can I assume that if you take out frequencies with a negative Db value ie - 6db, and include the dynamic value at max, is that then pulling out frequencies dynamically?  If so, does it make that freq less dynamic, ie compressed? (as opposed to expansion).


PBoy, sure, by using negative dB values you can squash transients.

I guess this makes it a kind of a 5 band compressor expandor.

The diferences would be; no crossovers - just independant freqencies, expansion and compression are linked to adding or subtracting gain, you cant select the threshold or attack / sustain params.

By listening to the demo I tried adding and subtracting the same freq with two bands, one with dyn and one without.  I concluded that I didn't like the compression expansion sound, and would like to control the threshold.  It tends to jump around a bit.  Also it would be good to have a small metter for each band showing the dyn factor working ie, by how much.

I know the point of the plug is EQ but even with one band you get unpredictable pumping or enhancing of bad dynamics.  One thought is to offer a reverse of your intent, ie when adding eq - make it compress not expand.  OR just unlink the gain with the compressor.

The idea of a GOOD compressor with independant bands is the most apealing aspect of this plugin or any future plugs.

That would make this equalizer too complicated.  And it does NOT have a 'threshold' since it does not have a compressor-like logic.  I've heard TC Electronic is going release something you are talking about.  You may check theirs equalizer.

Compression/expansion concept is not totally correct with GlissEQ.  The signal itself never gets compressed or expanded.  Only filter's GAIN is adjusted, and that is very different even from multiband compression/expansion.

In the mastering world people would like such a plugin as I have mentioned.  Without exacting controls though or an explanation of the difference between 'dynamic filter gain adjustment' and 'compression of a frequency band' it's going to be a hard sell for glisseq.

P-boy, I think phrase 'dynamic filter gain adjustment' speaks for itself.  If you know what filter gain is the way GlissEQ works should be obvious to you, together with the difference from compressor having a 'threshold' control.

For your reference, GlissEQ's algorithm will give almost identical results if you process low and high volume program material.  With compressor you will need to tune the 'threshold' control for various incoming signal levels.

I see, does it move with the 'slope' of transients? like the Trans-X from Waves.  But your plug is not stuck with cross-overs, you see, that's what I like in the Gliss concept.

Quote from waves site: "Unlike traditional compressors which let you control by ratio, attack, release, frequency, etc.  TransX focuses on two aspects of the signal, the transients and sustain-decay and then let you control each."

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.