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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ What is RT Sigma spectrum view?

So what is this new RT Sigma mode, which is available in v3.9?  There is no information about it in the manual, in the plugin help tips, on this site, nowhere at all.

It is clear that it looks different from both MAX and AVG, but some info about what differs with the Sigma would be real nice :)


The information about this mode is available in the Primary User Guide.  RT Sigma displays the dispersion of the power spectrum.

Oh, the PRIMARY userguide?

Sorry, my bad.  I checked only the top-most guide.

Found the info now.  Thx :)

This Sigma mode is about the most helpful translation of music visuals I've seen, and I've seen pretty much all.  Feels like a VU meter for frequencies.  What you see and hear locks together almost perfectly.  Too bad it can't be exported real-time to Span Plus though.

Want to say thanx alot :)

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