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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ GlissEQ - dynamic reduction of "loud-note vocal resonances"?

Hello - looking at buying a dynamic EQ, and since I have Span in Cubase, GlissEQ is currently near the top of the list.  Can you guys help with a couple of questions please?

1) The vocalist that sounds harsh only during high volume because resonances not present at lower volumes develop at these higher volumes ... would a high Q cut using "Peak Inv" at the offending resonance be the way to tame that?  I could not actually find a youtube where GlissEQ was used for that process, so thanks for any help.  Has anyone hear done that kind of work ... is the GlissEQ "surgical" enough for that (question raised on another youtube about that kind of thing)?

2nd question please: Is there side-chain control of GlissEQ?  I didn't see it in the manual, but I wanted to be sure.

Thank you very much -

Yes, the "Peaking Inv" filter type should help to tame the resonance dynamically.

GlissEQ does not have a side-chain.

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