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I'm considering GlissEQ but have some questions about the dynamics and how they work.  For example, lets say I want to boost 6db at 1k.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but 0 dynamics = regular EQ so I'm getting the full boost of 6db all the time.  But if you crank the dynamics up to 250, this means that with the same 6db curve 1k is being boosted by like .2db all the time, and only when there are frequencies be played at 1k will it actually add more EQ.  This is pretty cool, as it means you can for example EQ a snare pretty aggressively, but it for the most part will only trigger when the snare is playing, leaving other parts of the kit relatively unchanged (at least more so than a traditional EQ).

However, I have a question.  Would it be possible to do the opposite?  For example, lets say I want to add some high end to a mix, but I only really want the high end added when there is little frequencies already in that spectrum.  This way I add a shimmer when it needs it, but when there is high frequency information it doesn't boost it into ear bleed volume. :)

Thanks in advance for the help and reply.

There is "Peaking Inv" filter type available that does the opposite.
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