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Now in GlissEQ 3.7 when I select Spectrum mode Off, the graph of current GlissEQ instance is no longer drawn.  BUT: imported spectrums are still displayed and continue using CPU.  If I want to hide those as well, I need to change Import From selections.

Would it be possible that in OFF mode the drawing of ALL spectrums would stop?

This way it would be quick to switch off spectrum display with one click, just like you can switch off equalisation by clicking Bypass.

Later if you want to change equalisation and need to view spectrums again, they could be quickly shown by simply selecting Spectrum mode other than OFF.

It was always working that way.  I can't guarantee such global disabling will be implemented, because some users may want to disable current instance's spectrum while leaving imported spectrums enabled.

If current way is needed by some users, then maybe a new mode ALL_OFF or something?  I'm sure it would be used at least as many people.
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