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Hi Aleksey,

it would be nice to have the additional option of also showing the spectrum display of the output so that one can easily not only hear but see the changes.

thanks and cheers, drjee

This won't be implemented for sure since difference between input and output basially equals EQ curve.

Hi Aleksey,

once upon a time you seemed to consider it a useful feature - since it was present in the old CurveEQ (and I loved it).  You removed it n the new version (among other features), which made me not upgrade.

Of course, in theory you are right.  The EQ curve is (more or less) the difference between Input and Output.  But at least my brain is not so fast that I am able to easily add this difference to the input many times a second.  Thus, for be to be able to see input and output spectrum side by side is a very useful visual feedback.  Other products (like fabfilter Pro Q) do have it.  And it should be quite easy for you to implement it, since you already can show the spectrogram of other tracks.

cheers, drjee

I now consider to be more reliable to look at the resulting spectrum than at the input spectrum.

why not give the user the option:


in only

out only

in + out

It has technical complications - requires an additional color selector which does not fit the user interface.

not neccessarily: you could use the same color but a different shade.
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