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GlissEQ has been quite consistently crashing multiple versions of Ableton Live.  I think I first started having the crash around v8.3 and I just tried the latest 32-bit beta, v8.4 beta 8.  It should also be noted that I started having this bug in Gliss 3.5.3 and it still happens with 3.6.

The crash occurs when I try and open the UI to edit the setting (either clicking the 'wrench' or "configure" buttons).  I've not been able to narrow down a specific chain of events to reproduce the crash.  Sometimes the UI opens, sometimes Live crashes.  I happens quite often though, about 1/10 clicks of the 'wrench' will cause a crash.  Looking at one of the crash reports, it may be a graphic rendering issue.


12 0x27e7334a CAudioWrapperAUView::CreateCarbonView(ComponentInstanceRecord*, OpaqueWindowPtr*, OpaqueControlRef*, Float32Point const&, Float32Point const&, OpaqueControlRef*&) + 1226)


I'd rather not post the entire crash report here cause it's HUGE.  But I'd be happy to email it to you.

Thanks in advance for your help and, seriously, the best EQ out there! :)


I'm sorry for this issue.  I think we have found a way to solve it already - I will release GlissEQ fix pretty soon.

Rock on!  Thank you! :D

Any update on this?  It's seriously causing issues in my sets.  Perhaps downgrading to an earlier version would help?

Please write to me via the Contacts above - I'll send you a quick-fix version.
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