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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ Gliss 3.6 still not passing audio or spectrum in FLStudio

I just downloaded the new Gliss 3.6 and am not getting audio or the spectrum to show.  It happens intermittently but happens more often than not.  Suggestions on how to resolve?  11 other Voxengo plugins work properly in the same mixer slot.  Win7 64-bit & FL Studio is the host.

I can't reproduce the issue in FLStudio 10.0.9 unfortunately.  That makes it impossible to fix.  Let me know if you are using a different version of FLStudio.  Also make sure you have installed Win32 version of GlissEQ so that no bit bridging takes place.

I've checked how 64-bit plugins work in FLStudio10.0.9 - they definitely work with issues not passing audio and UI not working correctly.

I am not following the last post.  Does the 64-bit Gliss work or not work?

I do have 10.0.9

No, 64-bit GlissEQ does not work in FLStudio10.0.9.  You have to use 32-bit GlissEQ.  The same applies to all other plug-ins.

OK.  Thanks!
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