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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ "Scrolls when it shouldn't" bug

Hi.  Testing out the GlissEQ and found a bug (at least in Windows Reaper).

1.  Increase window size to something quite a bit larger than the default size.

2.  Zoom in on the frequency(X) axis close to all the way.

3.  Try adding an eq point to the mid-right side of the display by double-clicking (or just single click somewhere in that area).

The display will scroll right when it should not and is quite disorienting.

Typically clicking on the right edge or left edge of the display window will scroll left or right.  A nice feature.  However it appears that this behavior isn't adjusting to the enlargement of the window causing the behavior described above.

Nice plugin.  Seems to be the most versatile and powerful easy to use EQ plugin out there from my experience so far.

I'm not sure I can reproduce the problem.  The screen indeed scrolls, but it scrolls in a predictable way it seems, even at higher scale.

If possible, could you make a video and send it to ?


Hi Aleksey.  Did you get the video I emailed you and were you able to reproduce it yourself?


Thanks for sending the video demo - I've replied via e-mail.  We are checking this bug out and will try to fix it.

Excellent, thanks.
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