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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ 3.5.2 or 3.5.3?

in version 3.5.2 i have Absence of spectrum.

i have download version 3.5.3: in file information of operating system ( leopard) i have right information, but in plugin manager in cubase i see 3.5.2 version, not 3.5.3 with 3.5.2 errors ( absence of spectrum)


Please look at plug-ins own UI for the correct version information.

information to plugins in cubase (ver.  5.5.3) version and is clearly marked the path of the file: / user / Library / Audio / Plug-ins / vst

but this same file on the operating system recognizes the correct version: 3.5.3

it is as if the file in cubase had a kind of cache without having to consider upgrading.

is odd, because I have already updated several times both the elephant glisseq that without this problem.

I also tried deleting the file before copying the new version but nothing actually version 3.5.2 on your computer it should not be there ....

clearly, I have the problems of version 3.5.2: missing random spectrum

tnx and best regards

Please check plug-in's version in plug-in itself.  I do not understand why you persist on looking to Cubase's plugin information which may be lagged.
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