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Hi there

While I'm overall pleased with GlissEQ, I have a few suggestions that would make it an even better tool - for me, at least.

As these suggestions are quite different in subject matter, I have made several posts.  Anyway, this post is regarding the dynamic filters.

I understand that the behavior of the dynamic filters is frequncy independent - as also stated in the manual.  In most situations, I would however very much like a frequency dependent behavior.

The reason being the following.

I mostly use the dynamic filters in GlissEQ, when there's a problem-frequency in a track that needs attenuation only some of the time.  For example, a singer could have some very nasty 4kHz thing going on, but only in certain passages.  Instead of permanently attenuating 4kHz (or using automation), GlissEQs dynamic filters is quite a neat solution.

However, as the dynamic behavior of the filters are based on relative level, you get the most "dynamic activity" around the fundemental frequency of any instrument/vocalist (as this almost always is the frequency with the predominant level).

Having a frequency dependent dynamic behavior, where a given filters center frequency is the source for dynamic activity, would greatly expand the possibilities with GlissEQ.

Maybe this could be an option in GlissEQ, or maby this could be implemented in a new plugin.  As Voxengo already has one of the most brilliant FFT analyzers, one should think that it would be possible!

Regards, Michael

GlissEQ was not designed in a way to allow any frequency- nor lever-dependent dynamic action.  You are suggesting a completely different model which is basically how de-essing works.  You should probably use de-esser instead.
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