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When using the 24db/oct. hi/lo pass filters, I find the frequency stated on the frequency control-knob counterintuitive.

In most equalizers, there's a gentleman agreement to state the frequency for hi/lo pass filters as the cut-offs 3-db down point - mostly at the Q/BW setting that gives the steepest curve (relative to the number of poles in the specific filter) without ringing.

It seems that the steepest curve without ringing for GlissEQs hi/lo pass filters, is at a bandwidth of about 1.90 (as also stated in the manual).

At this bandwidth, the 12db/oct. filters stated frequency indeed matches the 3-db down point.

The 24db/oct. filters stated frequency is - however - from the 6-db down point.

So, the cut-off point I would expect when stating a 80Hz 24db/oct. hi-pass filter in most EQs, is in GlissEQ equivalent to a 24db/oct. filter at 64Hz.

I would very much appreciate an option to have the cut-off frquency stated at the 3-db down point, instead of the 6-db down point.  While this is an inconvenience only, it would make it a lot faster to use the 24db/oct. filters (for me, at least) - and give the result one would expect compared to the 12db/oct. filters.

I am by the way very pleased with GlissEQ.  Regarding the hi-pass filters, it is one of the few EQs where it is possible to change the cut-off frequency in real time without any obvoius artifacts.

Regards, Michael

The -6 dB point for -24 dB/oct (Linkwitz-Riley) filter was chosen to simplify use of GlissEQ as cross-over filter.  This won't be changed in the future.

-3 dB cutoff point convention is mainly an engineering convention, it has little to do with music.

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