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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ GlissEQ in Reaper prevents sidechaincompression from working.

When eqing a (for example) bass track which has sidechain compression applied (reacomp) I can set the detector input to auxiliary input l+r but for some reason it doesn't work properly, as soon as i take the instance of GlissEQ out of the fx chain or bypass it (reapers bypass) everything works just fine, it works fine with reaeq as well.

Because i really like to use the glisseq i'd like to solve this issue, hope i came to the right place.

Thanks in advance for any effort.

GlissEQ does not have side-chaining capability.  The fact Reaper reveals additional inputs does not mean GlissEQ has side-chain operation mode.

Aleksey, first of all thanks for the (quick) reply, but i wasn't talking about side-chaining GlissEQ itself but using it on the same channel where side-chain compression (with reacomp) is going on.

Hope this makes it clear.

Sorry, I've misread your message.

I think you shoudl direct this issue to Reaper developers as I have no idea why presence of GlissEQ on the track affects side-chaining of the compressor.

You just need to disable the additional channels in the plugin pin config in REAPER (click "4/8 in 4/8 out" button ...

Only channels 1+2 should be enabled for GlissEQ.  Channels 3+4 then can go through untouched to ReaComp Sidechain.

Dandruff, thank you for your reply, this solved the problem indeed, Thanks!
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