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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ GlissEQ 3.5.2 crashes REAPER

GlissEQ 3.5.2 can crash REAPER in this example:

-> playback

-> user stereo routing preset (one single stereo output)

-> switch to user mid/side routing preset

-> make band 5 in the SIDE channels become a Peaking HRM filter

-> switch back to user stereo routing preset

Result: REAPER 4.151 crashes (WinXP SP3)

FIXED (3.5.3)

It does not crash here.  What is so special in your "stereo routing preset"?  Is it different from Default Stereo?

OK, I was able to reproduce the bug when a single channel group was defined in the routing.

We'll fix the bug in the next update.


FIXED (3.5.3)

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