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Forums     Plugins     GlissEQ gliss eq 3.5 crashes sonar 8.53

I had to take it out and put 3.41 back in. it just made the song drop out over and over.

This looks like a common issue with GlissEQ 3.5 and Sonar 8.53, happens when GlissEQ is placed on Mono track.  We'll be investigating the cause of this.

I tried the demo of Gliss EQ in Sonar X1 x64 and got a crash also.

I've just released GlissEQ 3.5.1 which should fix this issue.

Your very, very quick Aleksey!!!!  Thanks!! with doesn't crash SONAR 8.53 or it doesn't show the spectrum display on either.  The spectrum display *does* work in WaveLab 7 however.

Also note that I was unable to reproduce the previous poster's 8.53 crash in the previous release.

Please download GlissEQ again - it is now version 3.5.2.

That seems to work.  Thanks!
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